Before cell phones became strong enough to use AR on, AR was primarily used for things like the military, aerospace, research and more.

As of 2016, Pokemon Go hit the market and brought AR into the mainstream. It showed the power of the technology and how it could be used in gaming.

Since then, AR has evolved even more so. Furniture retailers use AR to show what a certain couch could look like in your home, makeup companies use it to show what the make up could potentially look like, and what we're going to talk about today, jewelry companies are using it to show what their products look like to the customer.

In this article we will discuss the benefits of AR when it comes to your jewelry business along with the best method to incorporate it into your business.

The Benefits Of Virtual Try On

Virtual try-on earrings

As a Jewelry Business

Before we dive into how you could implement AR into your jewelry business, let's talk about the benefits that using it could potentially bring.

Cost-effectiveness of AR technology

In comparison to traditional methods, implementing AR technology could be more cost-effective in the long run, saving businesses like yours from hosting numerous physical showrooms or exhibitions.

Demonstrate Environmental Responsibility

AR technology can help to reduce the carbon footprint of a business by reducing the need for physical displays and travel. It might be worth mentioning this for companies looking to improve their methods of sustainability.

Increased Sales and Conversions

When it comes to jewelry, most people prefer to see what it looks like in person. Online purchases, especially big purchases, are less likely to be made when it comes to jewelry because of this.

With AR Virtual try on, the online purchase process is made easier and customers are more likely to buy something if they know what it looks like on them.

Enhanced Experience

Let's face it. Sometimes people just don't want to leave their house. The fact that virtual try on allows everyone to try on jewelry without leaving their home is a huge advantage. They don't have to feel like a nuisance asking for help or to try on a certain piece of jewelry, they could spend a whole hour trying out multiple pieces if they wanted to.

Reduced Return Rates

When it comes to buying anything online, especially jewelry, sometimes it doesn't look like it did in the photos or how the customer imagined. With virtual try on, customers know what it looks like beforehand, which will allow you to reduce the return rates significantly.

Competitive Advantage

When you look around at competitors, there are many jewelry companies that still haven't jumped on the AR train yet. By jumping in now,  you will be able to get a competitive edge over them and stand out from the crowd.

Customer Behavior

AR gives you a great insight into customer behavior. You can track their attention span, the pieces they're looking at and how long they are trying it on for. This data will give you great insights into your customers buying patterns and preferences so that you can better tailor your offerings to them.

Innovative Ways to Use Virtual Try On in Your Jewelry Business

Now that we went over the benefits of virtual try on within your jewelry business, knowing how to implement it and where to implement it is the next step.

Include a Link Within Your Online Store

The first and one of the most effective ways to introduce virtual try-on technology is by incorporating it into your website. Most AR companies (including us) that offer these services are compatible with a wide array of e-commerce platforms and web browsers, ensuring an effortless integration process.

Adding this feature to your online store allows customers to 'try on' your jewelry pieces virtually and instantly.

Add It Within Your Company App

Does your jewelry business have its own app? If so, you've got a fantastic opportunity to engage your customers more effectively by introducing the virtual try-on feature. Whether your app is designed for iOS, Android, or both, virtual try-on can easily be integrated.

Integrating the virtual try-on feature into your app also portrays your brand as being technologically advanced and customer-centric

QR Codes To Launch Anywhere

You can also include a QR code anywhere in order to get people involved in the AR experience. Have a billboard out in NYC, including the QR code to launch the AR experience on that billboard.

Embed Your Virtual Experience In Newsletters

As you introduce new jewelry to your online story, one powerful way to announce it would be by embedding the virtual try on link within the email. This will increase the retention rate and get customers to try out the new pieces immediately.

Partner With Influencers

Partnering with influencers is a powerful way to show off your brand. Every single year influencer marketing is growing at a very high level.

With AR virtual try on, you could pay influencers to take a screenshot or record a video of them using the experience, with a swipe up story (which includes a link to the experience).

When customers see people they admire using something, it increases the chances that they will try it out as well.

Challenges Businesses Have When It Comes To Implementing This Technology

Although there are many use cases for AR virtual try ons, there are some challenges businesses run into while trying to implement it. Let's go over exactly what they are.

Technological Adoption

Younger business owners may have an easy time implementing AR, but it may be a bit more challenging for older generations. This is because older generations are usually used to marketing with the methods of the past, so it may take them a bit longer to get used to using AR technology.

Cost Concerns

Many companies have tight budgets, adding something like AR into their marketing mix could be seen as an expensive endeavor. It's important to keep in mind that the cost of AR technology is decreasing, and it could potentially help a business by increasing their online sales.

Risk Aversion:

Implementing new technology always comes with a degree of risk. For businesses that are more risk-averse, the potential for technical issues or a poor reception from customers might outweigh the potential benefits.

CS Connect: The Very Best Way To Implement Virtual Try On For Your Jewelry Business

CSCONNECT Virtual Try on for jewellery

AR seems like a very complicated thing to implement yourself. You need coding skills, or you need to rely on someone that has the necessary coding skills, which could get expensive.

At least that's what It seems like at first glance. That's until you realize we at CS Connect offer a very efficient AR solution for jewelry (no coding necessary).

Our AR creation tools make it extremely easy to implement your virtual try on experience for your jewelry business.

On top of that, our team will help you ensure you're using the very options for your current product offering.

Ways CS Connect Could Ease Your Mind As a Business Owner

Above we spoke about the doubts business owners may have when implementing AR, but here at CS Connect are committed to alleviating any doubts or hesitations of our clients. Here's how.

Ease of Use

Our platform is intuitive and easy to use, allowing your team to build and manage effective immersive AR campaigns with no coding, in real-time. Even for people who aren't technologically advanced, our team could have you up and running in no time.

Real-Time Analytics

If you're skeptical about what AR campaigns could do for you, we offer real-time analytics, allowing you to track the progress of your AR campaigns and get insights into user behavior.

We Offer a 30 Day Trial

If you're still skeptical of how our platform works, we offer a 30 day free trial so you can see the potential of the technology for yourself.

Here is the process of getting started with CS Connect


  • Identify a use case tailored to your business needs.
  • Engage with our comprehensive tutorials and useful advice for guidance.
  • Construct the blueprint for your immersive experience, this includes visual elements, animations, audio effects, written content, and effective calls-to-actionGet your 3D assets, images, audio tracks, video clips, and other necessary materials ready.


  • Launch the CSCONNECT AR Editor, select from our vast template library, or opt for the unrestricted freedom of a blank canvas.
  • Import your visually appealing assets into the platform.
  • Establish the desired settings and start the creative process.


  • Take the time to preview and evaluate your immersive experience before going live with the campaign.
  • Go live immediately with Web AR, which is compatible with most mainstream browsers
  • Opt to publish in native iOS and Android applications.
  • Make use of your app (through CS CONNECT SDK) or a DISCONNECT Reader application.


  • Monitor your campaign's performance via the live dashboard.
  • Use A/B testing, make necessary adjustments, and republish your campaign for superior outcomes.
  • Save your uniquely designed experience as a custom template for efficient reuse in future campaigns.


Gone are the days where AR is used for just funny snapchat filters. You could increase conversion rates, decrease return rates, and create a more immersive, interactive shopping experience for your customers with virtual try-on tools.

If you're interested in a seamless way to implement AR into your jewelry business, go here to get started now!