Augmented Reality (AR) has been making waves in the tech world, with its market value skyrocketing from $28 billion in 2021 to an expected $250 billion by 2028. This nearly tenfold growth is a testament to the transformative power of AR, which has found applications across a multitude of sectors, including education, healthcare, and marketing.

With more and more businesses jumping on board with AR, Shopify has implemented its own augmented reality technology. The one aspect we're going to talk about in this post is marketing your products through AR technology. Specifically, the Shopify AR by 3D Warehouse app.

In this article, we will go over what this app does exactly and if it is worth using for your business.

How Your Business Can Benefit From Implementing AR

Before we dive into the app, let's go into all the ways AR can benefit your business.

More Social Engagement

On social media, people are more likely to click on something that stands out to them. If you show off the fact that you're able to view products from a 3d perspective, it may generate more interest and engagement from potential customers on social media.

You can even build some ads built around the AR experience of your website to further draw people in.

Higher Conversion Rates

The biggest wall your customers face when buying things online is not being able to see them in person. AR technology can bridge that gap and help customers make informed buying decisions, increasing your conversion rates.

Reduced Returns

This goes hand in hand with higher conversion rates. When a customer clicks by with more information in mind, and more of an idea of what the product looks like in an interactive setting, it gives them less of a chance to return your products.

Dealing with returns as a business could be a huge hassle, so this can be a great benefit.

Competitive Advantage

Although technology is advancing fast, it's still relatively early to hop on board when it comes to implementing AR into your business. This could give you a significant competitive edge over other businesses that are yet to adopt the technology.

Increase Time Spent On Site

Looking at different products online with realistic textures and interactive features can be incredibly engaging for online shoppers.  This means they will get more out of their experience on your website and spend more time exploring all the different options you have to offer.


Some AR technology services allow you to get analytics on your visitors and customers. This can give you valuable insights into which products are performing the best, as well as help you identify potential areas of improvement.

AR Technology is Only Going To Get Better

AR technology is only going to get better. So educating yourself early on and implementing the technology now could give you a huge advantage in the years to come.

AR Ecommerce Stats - To Give You An Idea of The Potential

To even further back up AR implementation in e-commerce, let's take a look at some stats.

  • Forecasts suggest that by 2023, the global count of AR devices will hit the 1.4 billion mark, and this number is expected to climb to 1.73 billion by 2024. This expanding user base presents a broad amount of people for your AR content to make an impact.

  • 2028, the market value of AR integration in the e-commerce and retail industries is expected to reach $6.74 billion. Incorporating AR into your business strategy can help you take advantage of this growing market trend.

  • AR is becoming increasingly popular among consumers, with 66% expressing interest in using it to make purchasing decisions. Providing AR experiences in your business can meet this demand and enhance the customer's shopping journey.

  • By the year 2025, it's estimated that nearly 75% of the world's population, and virtually all smartphone users, will be regular users of AR. This suggests that a significant portion of your potential customer base will be comfortable with, and receptive to, AR experiences.

  • A noteworthy 61% of shoppers have a preference for stores that offer AR, and a further 71% have stated they would frequent a retailer more often if they provided AR. By weaving AR into your store's fabric, you can draw in these shoppers and stimulate repeat business.

What Exactly Does Shopify AR By 3D Warehouse Do?

The Shopify AR by 3D Warehouse app is made to allow businesses like you to create 3d models of your products. Here are all the aspects of the app and how it could help your customers.

Product Visualization

When you upload a 3D model of your product it allows customers to view the product at any angle. This allows customers to good idea of the size. This little added detail will allow customers to choose between two products more easily, without even having to be in person.

Enhances Product Detail

When you see regular 2d images, the product will sometimes look like it's a different texture than what it is. With Shopify AR by 3D Warehouse, customers can look at the product in great detail and get an understanding of the texture and color.

Integrates With IOS and Android Browsers

The way it works is simple, as a business all you have to do is download the app, upload photos, and the dimensions, and it will allow customers the ability to view your product in 3D using their phones or desktops.

Easy to Integrate With your Shopify Store

It used to be that you had to download the app, however, now it's easier than ever. Spotify has now built it into the products page of your store. This makes it easier for you as a business to make 3D models of your products and upload them to the store.

Although Shopify AR by 3D Warehouse is a great tool. Here at CSCONNECT, we believe we have the most comprehensive AR solution for you. Let's dive into the reasons why.

Introduction To CSCONNECT

At CSCONNECT, we're dedicated to equipping businesses like yours with immersive marketing experiences. We specialize in crafting dynamic AR and QR code-triggered rich media experiences, among other innovative solutions. Our services are custom-tailored to meet your unique business needs, leveraging cutting-edge AR technology. With our platform, you can create compelling marketing campaigns, track their performance with live analytics, and maximize your marketing ROI. Experience the transformative power of immersive marketing ! Below we will dive into exactly why CSCONNECT is the best AR solution for your business.

Let's compare the features offered by CSCONNECT and Shopify AR by 3D Warehouse:

CSCONNECT & SHOPIFY AR by 3D Warehouse comparison

You may be wondering what makes CSCONNECT stand out in comparison to Shopify AR by 3D Warehouse. Here are some of the features that make us a superior choice.

You Could Implement It With Any Website

The Shopify AR experience is only suitable for Shopify stores. There's a wide variety of businesses out there that don't use Shopify. With CSCONNECT you could implement it on any website regardless of what platform that business is running on.

You Could Implement AR On Mobile Apps

Not only could you utilize it on any website, but CSCONNECT allows businesses to implement AR experiences within their CSCONNECT XR app for IOs.On mobile, apps are easier to use than websites than going on a web browser to find AR features. So having the ability to implement it on your mobile app could be beneficial for increasing engagement.

More of an Immersive Experience

Virtual Try On by CSCONNECT

With Shopify AR by 3D Warehouse, you're simply able to view a 3D design of the product. With CSCONNECT, we allow your customers to have a more interactive AR experience, with 3D models that come to life. For example, if you're a furniture company, we're able to utilize your camera to place a virtual piece of furniture in your customer's home. This gives them an idea of how it would look and feel before they buy it.

Another example would be virtual try-ons. Are you a shoe company? Well,  we could create a virtual shoe-fitting experience that would allow customers to try on different shoes without having to go to the store.

Are you a boutique?  We could create a virtual fitting room experience, where customers can try on clothes in real-time.

The opportunities are endless.

More Analytics Available

We understand that collecting data is important in any business. Without data, you're unable to understand what's working and if the implementation of AR has been successful or not.

At CSCONNECT, we provide detailed analytics that allows businesses to keep track of the performances of their campaigns. This helps you decide on future products as well as refine your existing ones.

No Coding Required

There's no coding required for both Shopify AR by 3D Warehouse and CSCONNECT. So you don't need to worry about technical or coding skills. However, for such advanced technology, CSCONNECT makes it easy to implement AR experiences with its drag-and-drop editor.


If you're interested in implementing AR technology into your business, click here to get started now! Upon signing up you will get a 30-day full access trial to ensure our platform works for your business.

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