Fashion, more than just a trend, is a social phenomenon. It allows individuals to express themselves, convey their socioeconomic status, and associate with specific subcultures. As society evolved, so did fashion. From the earliest days of using animal furs for warmth, humans have constantly sought ways to make their attire not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing, giving birth to fashion.

Over the millennia, advancements in textile production have made once-precious fabrics more accessible, democratizing fashion. Today, technological advancements continue to shape the industry, particularly in how we shop for fashion. The rise of the Internet has introduced online shopping, and now, Augmented Reality (AR) is taking this a step further, enhancing the shopping experience significantly.

Major fashion brands have already adopted AR, and an increasing number of mid-size and smaller brands are showing interest. This article explores how fashion brands can benefit from AR and how to approach its implementation effectively.

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Why Fashion Brands Should Adopt AR

Historically, industries that have embraced technological innovations have thrived, while those that haven't have dwindled. AR is progressively becoming integral across various sectors. In real life, AR is subtle yet powerful, contrary to its extravagant depiction in science fiction.

Far from being a passing trend, AR is here to stay. Many brands are already leveraging it to bolster marketing and sales efforts. Customers show a marked preference for brands utilizing AR, citing improved buying experiences. AR enables brands to stand out, reduce returns and complaints, and engage more effectively with customers, proving cost-effective over time.

In summary, AR enhances sales, branding, and customer relationships. There are numerous benefits to incorporating AR into your fashion brand's marketing and sales strategies.

Famous Fashion Brands That Have Adopted AR

Several leading fashion brands have successfully integrated AR:


Offers a try-on feature in its app and has partnered with Snapchat for virtual try-ons. In 2018, Gucci launched an interactive spring campaign with scannable stickers leading to a catalog of artwork and products, and introduced the "Gucci Virtual 25" virtual sneakers.


In 2021, replaced regular mannequins with virtual ones in select stores. The Zara AR app allowed users to view digital projections of models and holograms of purchased items.


One of the first in the makeup industry to adopt AR, launched the "Visual Artist" app in 2016, enabling virtual product trials.


Uses AR to help customers select lipstick shades by scanning desired colors and matching them with over 400 available shades.


In 2022, introduced a virtual clothing line in a competition, with winners receiving animated images of themselves in virtual clothes.

Ways to Adopt AR in Fashion

There are various ways your brand can utilize AR:

  • Virtual Try-Ons: Superimpose images of clothing, shoes, or makeup over a user's image, reducing returns and increasing satisfaction.
  • Interactive Storefronts: Enhance physical stores with AR tags for more information and interactive displays.
  • Virtual Fashion Shows: Host virtual shows in AR spaces, saving costs and attracting a wider audience.
  • Shopping Gamification: Make shopping more interactive and engaging through AR.
  • Personalized Experience: Offer unique and personalized shopping experiences with AR.
  • Customization: Allow customers to customize products in your online store through AR.
  • Education: Educate customers about your products and brand history through AR-powered content.

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